Question: Is Icarus Guarding Services registered with P.S.I.R.A ?
Answer: Yes we are registered and our P.S.I.R.A number is 2111743

Question: When was the company founded?
Answer: The company was formed in 2004.

Question: Why are your security officers different?
Answer: All officers are tested and evaluated before being recruited at Icarus. We ensure that our clients receive “best in class” security officers. Our clients EXPERIENCE the difference.

Question: Do I need to pay extra for security guard equipment?
Answer: We supply our officers with all the equipment they need to perform their duties.

Question: What is a “dead man’s switch” ?
Answer: A dead man’s switch, as its name suggests, is a switch that is automatically operated in case the security guard becomes incapacitated, either through death, loss of consciousness, or some other type of incapacitation.