Value-Added Security Services

As a reliable security company we offer the following value-added security services for free:

  • 24 Hour armed response.
  • Supervisor patrols at all sites.
  • Dead Mans Switch – Guards have to press a button every 15/30mins 24X7. If they fail to do this, an armed response vehicle is dispatched from a control centre. This system also assists in keeping the guards alert as it makes a noise if they fail to press the button.
  • Guard track patrol system. We dont hide anything from our clients. If our guards are doing poor patrols, we are able rectify and discipline the offending guards
  • Site specific training.
  • Monthly site reports.
  • Quarterly “How to improve your security” reports.
  • Incident reports.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Spray guns, batons and handcuffs for security officers.
  • Hourly “Occurrence Book”
  • Newsletters.